Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year to all!

From our home to yours...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for the Fabbris.

Gregg did a photo shoot with the kids last week, so we would have something to send for Christmas cards. We didn't send any last year and since I am a scrapbooker by trade it was only fitting we got off our butts and sent something out. Sorry to those who did not recieve one, we only ordered 40 and then found our lable file which contained over 100 addresses. Well, there is always next year. We will make sure to order lots and lots.

Have a great one everyone. And may 2009 be a happy and healthy year for you and your family!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here is a layout I just did for MOSD, I am the guest designer over there for this month. They have some really fun products, like the diecut paper I used in this layout of Grady. The Sickons are really fun too, they are like using a sticker and rubon at the same time.

Have a great Saturday!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

February 10, 2007

This week only at Scrapbooker Online....EVERYTHING is at least 30% off.

Use the coupon 30OffRetail at check out and you are good to go!!!

Thanks for a great first 2 years everyone. We look forward to serving you all for many more to come.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January 30, 2007

CHA Day #4

Shopping so far...

Basic Grey: All four lines...paper, tags, letter stickers and collections. Holy Cow Rubons in 5 new styles. BTW Nicole, they do not come in brown.

Scenic Route: Both new lines...papers and letter stickers. They include craft paper with cool designs on one side. All six new grid papers. Nikki, you will love them for your class.

3 Bugs: Blossom and Boy Collection (can't remember the name) papers and stickers.

Fontwerks: 8 new stamps and 2 new sets of rubons.

Technique Tuesday: 10 new stamps and 2 new sets of coaster boards

Junkits: Extreme Boy and Salsa Celebration Papers, rubons and stickers. Plus some bling.

Crop and Glue: All their new glue

KI Memories: 2 of Elsie's Lines...papers, stickers and rubons

Fancy Pants: All four new lines...papers, rubons. 1 new set of 12x12 stamps. 2 new sets of the 6x6 stamps, stamp block. More chipboard. ATC cards in large and small packs.

Strano: RibbonStiff, all of their new tone on tone 3/8 ribbon...it matches the new bazzill two toned papers. And various 1.5 inch ribbons to go along with the RS.

As for tomorrow I don't have much time seeing that my car picks me up at 10:30 to take me to the airport. So, I am hoping to hit Crate Paper, Cherry Art and Maya Road. Going to leave Hambly and Queen and Co. for later. Plus Autumn Leaves and Daisy Ds.

Good news, I got a great number at BG so my order should ship out early next week. My TT stamps should go out in a week or so. And the Scenic Route should be going out next week also.

Thanks ladies for all the help with what to look at and where to go. You are awesome. I met Tia Bennett, Donna Downey, and lots of the editors from mags like SS, BHG, Martha Stewart and MS herself, Stacy Croninger, and a bunch of other folks I can't remember.

It has been a fun few days, but I am ready to go home. I want to hang out with the kiddos, I miss Gregg so much. And, while I was gone he went and bought a Wii for the kids. I am so psyked to play with it. I have the NL to look forward to, lots of planning for next month and our 2 year anniversary, and many long hours of uploading images and product to the store.

Have a super night. Chat with you on the boards tomorrow before I leave. Take Care.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

January 28, 2007 cont.

CHA Day #3

Well I am home...or where I am calling home for this week. I just got settled back into my room at the hotel. We had such a super busy day today. The Strano Make and Takes went great, really busy....I mean REALLY!!. RibbonStiff was very popular today, I am just so happy for Jen and Lou. They have both worked so hard and I am hoping it will pay off for them in a huge way.

I met lots of wonderful ladies in the booth. A lot of women from Great Britain, just love the accent. Make me think of my girlfriend Gillian who is from England.

But, the most exclusive guest to the Strano booth today was, GET A LOAD OF THIS....Martha Stewart. I am totally not kidding, it was super. She travels with an entourage of about 20 people, all dressed in black and very NY. Gosh the best boots I have seen in a long time. She came into the booth to check out the RibbonStiff. And what was the first thing Jen grabbed but my book that I had made using the 3 Bugs papers. You can see it down a few posts in this blog.

She also looked around and checked out Beth Price's layout hanging on the wall, and some of the cards made by Jan and Nicole. WTG girls, your stuff is looking so super in the booth. Funny thing, I have not gotten any good pics yet. Will make it a point to do it but it just gets so busy so fast.

Hey Sue, your dresses have thier own shelves right with the RS bottles. Will snap some goodies on them also.

Anyway the MS visit was quite the sight. It was totally cool, kind of weird but cool. Most people did not even know she was there until she was just about gone. She looks good I must say, and in great shape. All in all is was very cool, she was in, she was out, and then she was off to Xyron! Two of her editors did say they would be back so we are hoping that will happen for Jen and Lou. Fingers crossed. These two totally deserve it. They are wonderful!!

I also met Mackey who is a member at SBO. She came seeking me out after reading about me on a post by JA. Thanks Julie Ann!! Hey Corey, she was asking how you were. I told her you were doing great and had a new baby boy, well kind of new...lol.

Some of my shopping highlights were....

Basic Grey: got a number and a pretty low one. 4 new lines and the most awesome rubons, in some of the coolest styles and the color BROWN!!! Nicole you would just die!

Cosmo Cricket: Awesome chipboard books that attached to eachother with ribbons that are laced up like shoelaces. I also love their paper lines Halfway Cafe and Dutch Girl. You can see some of Dutch Girl and the Lace Up Chipboards here.... Sarah Baker you need to get your butt on thier DT. We should talk. I have some names.

Fancy Pants:
No Pics but we are so ordering the large acrylic stamps, and papers. Love them all!!

Queen and Co.: Yup, ordering the felt on the roll. JA, you will love it.

KI Memories: Elsie's line is very cute. Three paper lines with embellies and stamps. Here are some of her layouts. I am thinking of getting the Toby and Roxies Papers, along with some rubons and cardstock stickers. I also like the celebration line. It has cool birthday papers and some felt letters also. That was pretty much it for KI.

And Carolyn and all the SBO Moms of boys expect to see Junkitz Extreme Boy line at SBO soon. It was even better in person. So cool!!! Sorry no pics. Jan, I think you will really like it also!!

Scenic Route for you Miss Nikki. All I can say is YES!!! We passed on them last year and I am so wanting it this year. I left my catalog at the booth so I will report more tomorrow on this.

Celebrations by KI Memories

MODs new Primary Line:
I thought this was pretty cool. And yes Autumn Leaves has some awesome stamps. Some more renditions of the journaling stamp that is so popular plus some fun circle shapes with words and phrases in them. The pics were blurry so you will have to trust me on this one.

Have a super night ladies. Will check back in tomorrow. I am hoping to see Maya Road and Cherry Arte tomorrow as well as FW, Hambly, and Page Frames. I have made some new friends over there. We had a meeting in Target the other night when we were all there getting some stuff for our booths. Chat later ladies. I am off to check out the boards at SBO

January 28, 2007

Day #2 CHA (Set Up)

Look at all this wonderful ribbon. I packaged up the cutest little glass bottles with some wonderful Strano Ribbon in today. Little goodies for some of Jen's Clients. We had a super busy day but by 11 pm last night the Strano Booth was done. And it looks wonderful. I wish Jen and Lou Strano the best of luck today as the CHA 2007 show opens. We are hoping the RibbonStiff and all their new ribbon just fly out of the booth.

I also walked around the trade floor for a short time yesterday as people were getting ready for today. Elsie Flannagan's booth is just too cute. It is designed like a kitchen with all her favorite layouts and mini books all around. It is so totally Elsie. KI is hoping for hit out of the park with Elsie, good luck!! Looks like a winner.

I also went and check out the BG booth, which btw, could not be further then our booth. It took me so long to walk all the way to the other end of the building to get to it. But, like always it was worth the walk. They have 4 news lines coming out. Stella Ruby is just gorgeous. I am getting my butt over there right at 9am to get my number and catalog. This will not disapoint ladies.

I also saw the new Karen Foster, TT Stamps (the most incredible layouts at the show that I have seen so far are at TT), 3 Bugs, MME, BoBunny, and HS. I didn't have my camera at this time so no photos. I will try to get some today and post later.

So far things are going well. I did take a class using the McGill tab and paper charm punches yesterday. I like the class and they gave you 4 punches and a hole punch. I thought that was pretty cool. I think the paper charm punch will work great with some of Strano's yummy ribbon.

Well, got to scoot. My ride is coming in a few and I have to get to the lobby. Have a super day ladies.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

January 26, 2007

CHA Trip....Day 1

Well, it was an early morning for me today. The car picked me up at 4:04 am to take me to Logan Airport. My flight left at 7:00am and living an hour from the airport makes for an early rise. I was all packed the night before and Gregg was so sweet, he had all my bags waiting at the garage door along with my favorite orange scone from Panera. Love that guy! I kissed the kiddos good bye and headed off to CHA!!! Yeepie, I am so excited!!!

My first flight went well, besides the fact I was crammed into a window seat in I think the smallest area of the plane. I sat next to the East Coast Sales Director for Crocs, thank goodness I had my real Mary Janes on and not some knock off. LOL. He showed me the new spring catalog, WOWZAA, they are going to make the MJ in shimmering colors!!! I have got to get some of those ladies!

So both flights were pretty uneventful. I like that seeing I am not much of a flyer. I did get a really cool show from the plane when we were going over UTAH!! Right before we landed in Salt Lake City. I am just amazed by the mountains out here. Nothing like NE. They are so breathtaking, I could not stop staring out the window.

Off to IKEA!

Jen and Lou Strano (www.stranodesigns.com) picked me up at the Ontario Airport and then we were off to IKEA to pick up a few things they needed to finish up their booth. What is a trip to CA without going to IDEA. My mother would have been psyked. We then had lunch at the Old World Deli, I had a super yummy chicken salad sandwich. Then it was off to my hotel, I pretty much packed it in for the rest of the night. I fell asleep about 6:30 CA time, I was so tired.

So, here I sit writing my blog entry at 6:00 am on Sat. I have been up for two hours now. Hope I can make it through the day. I am off to take a class at 8:00am and then to help Jen and Lou finish up the booth. I can't wait to get onto the trade floor and see everyone getting their booths ready for tomorrow. How exciting this must be for so many people. I know I am excited, yet nervous. But, a little nerves never hurt....right? Tell me I am right.

Enjoy your day ladies, BBL!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

January 9, 2007

CKC Manchester Here I Come!!!

I got word today that Creating Keepsakes has accepted my application to teach a class at CKC Manchester. WOW, I can hardly believe it. This is so cool, I am giddy as my friend Jennifer would say.

The class is all about RibbonStiff and how to use it in different ways. Wait till you see what we can do with this very cool product.

I will be teaching the cute little book to the left during the May Convention. This yummy little creations was made with the new Strano Designs RibbonStiff and some very cool 3 Bugs Papers.

More to come as I prepare for this wonderful experience. Look out girls, these ladies are not going to know what hit them.